Circle of Life

This time of year is so grand. Everything is so green and alive. We hear and see so many animals and see so many flowers and plants coming to life.

However, there is always the circle of life. On the farm we also see a lot of bones, skeletons of what was one of God’s creation eaten by another. And of course, we humans take the life of an animal to eat it, like the wild turkey or deer we see.

But yesterday at the farm the saddest thing happened. Often we will have birds bang against the windows or doors. I assume they see their reflection and think it is another bird. As we were standing in the kitchen, we heard that sound. We watched as the prettiest blue bird lay on the deck dying.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Matthew 10:29 where it says God knows when the birds fall from their nests. If He knows that, then how much more does He care for you and me?

It brought tears to my eyes to pick up this beautiful, little bird and toss it into the woods where it would become part of the circle of life. But it was a comfort knowing that God knew it!

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