Shaken not Stirred

Do you ever feel shaken? I’m not talking about shaken as in scared, although that could be the case. What I mean is shaken in the sense that Satan has a hold on you and is shaking you to pieces. Sometimes it feels like he’s got one of our feet and is holding tight. We are trying to shake free from him.

Part of my Bible reading this morning was from Psalm 62. Verses 2 and 6 say, He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken. It is repeated twice in a chapter with only 12 verses! I think that is important.

Notice is doesn’t say we won’t be shaken at all. It says we won’t be greatly shaken. In thinking about a fortress, I think about how strong they are built. When other armies come or other attacks happen, they may shake, but they stand.

We need to be relying on our Fortress. Our Rock. We need to make sure we are built on the One that will be strong with us when we are shaken by Satan’s temptations. When he has us by our heel, we can rely on our Fortress and Strong Hold to keep us safe.

Photo by Richard Clark on Unsplash

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