Have you ever met someone who is gorgeous, and after talking with them, they turn out to be unattractive. On the other hand, have you ever met someone who wasn’t physically attractive, but after talking and getting to know them, they become beautiful or handsome in your sight?

Where do we find beauty? In others? In ourselves? I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to look as good as we can on the outside. I think it makes us, especially women, feel good to put on make up and dress up sometimes.

But what about when we try to find our beauty and worth in what others think of us? When we try to find it in the approval of others? When we try to find it in wrong things, wrong relationships?

Women are warned to let our beauty be in our gentle and quiet spirit. Men are warned not to let a woman’s beauty tempt him. So, where should our beauty and self-worth come from?

What if the most physically beautiful woman or most handsome man was in an accident? Their face was burned and scarred. Their hair was singed and would never grow back. Would that person still be beautiful or handsome? I hope so. Because no matter what we look like on the outside, our beauty should shine out of us because Jesus lives in us. We should be handsome and gorgeous because of what He has done for us and our spirit reflects that.

When Moses came down from the mountain after talking with God in Exodus 34, his face shone so brightly that he had to wear a veil. All the Israelites that saw Moses knew he’d been talking with God. We should shine brightly because we are God’s children and reflect His light.

So, be beautiful or handsome today. Rain or shine! Find your self-worth in the fact that you are a chosen one of God. Let that spirit shine through to others so that when they meet you and talk with you, they will think you are beautiful!

aPhoto by Zakaria Zayane on Unsplash

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