Last Sunday I visited a congregation here in Nashville with my friend before we went on our trip. I love listening to this particular minister. He always makes me think of things I never have before.

He started by talking about how excited we get in anticipation of trips and vacations we take with family and friends. How we tell our kids “Only 4 more sleeps until we leave!” or something like that. We have to explain it on the terms their brains can handle and understand. Then our hearts and theirs are set on the anticipation of the trip, and it seems like it will never get here!

Then he turned our thinking to how we should be anticipating Heaven and Jesus’s return for us. How we should be anticipating that so much more than we do our earthly trips. What do we have our hearts set on? Are we as prepared, or more, for that than we get for earthly trips? Are we eagerly awaiting it? What would we do if the trumpet were to sound right now? Would we say wait, just a little longer? Or would we praise God because we’ve been eagerly awaiting?

The older I get and the more trouble I have and see in this life, the more I eagerly await for that trumpet sound and to see Jesus coming for me! I don’t think our human brains can comprehend how good it’s going to be! Like a child, we have to be told things in terms our brains can grasp. We will be citizens in Heaven. We will be pure and changed to be like Jesus’s new body.

But that preacher said something that I absolutely loved! He said did we ever realize that Jesus is eagerly awaiting our arrival? He went to prepare us a place and said He’s coming back. We need to be preparing too!

You know I like music especially songs with a message. I also like older music. When you have an older brother and sisters, that is what you grow up hearing. So here is a song that I think fits with this theme of get ready.

So are you ready? What if it was today? What if the birds ceased singing? What if the sky opened up? What if we heard the shout and the trumpet today?

Praise God!

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

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