My kids love the movie Tangled. I’m not sure why except it is a Disney movie and we love all things Disney!

At our farm, I saw this tree that has a fence growing through it all tangled up. I couldn’t help but think that is how I feel a lot of time. Sometimes I’m all tangled up in the Holy Spirit. I can feel Him moving me towards something good or to help someone.

But I admit there are times when I feel all tangled up in other things. Things like negativity, materialism, doubt, doom. At these times, I usually try to catch myself, take a step back, and ask why I am feeling or thinking this way. Then I do what I always know to do. What I can always rely on.


I think we need to pray especially during these times of doubt, anger, frustration, and doom. God knows what is coming and what is going on and He is in control. It is hard to pray during these times, but it always helps.



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