What do you think of when you see the word fear? Do you think of what scares you the most? Do you think of some childhood fear you had? Do you think of scary movies? Of what are you afraid?

The Bible and Jesus specifically commands us so many times not to be afraid. I love that. Because in this life, there is much of which to be afraid. Yes, the unrealistic things like scary movies and phobias, but there are real fears that we need to be aware of constantly. I think we all know what those fears are as we face them daily. And then there’s the healthy respectful fear we are to have of our God.

It is easier said than done not to be afraid. Maybe that’s why Jesus reminds us so many times. I think there is a difference in being afraid without trust and being afraid with trust. I also think Jesus, as a human who knew His death was coming, was afraid and aware of the danger. But, being aware of danger and afraid, He remembered in Whom He trusted.

Is it wrong to be afraid? I think fear without trust is wrong. I also think you can fear without worrying as you trust God to help you deal with the situation of your fear.

We all have fears. Fear of death, the future, whether our kids are/will be okay, our jobs….goodness, I could go on and on! But we need to face our fears with the One who controls everything! We need to have faith in His promises. He has promised us as Christ-followers that He will work everything out to our good and His glory (Romans 8:28). Now, we have to remember, it may not be on this earth while we are alive, but we can be assured of a home in Heaven with Him after this life is over. I cannot tell you how much peace that thought gives me!

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