I’ll admit I have a hard time with forgiveness. It’s not really the forgiveness part. It’s the forgetting. When I hear a person’s name or see them and know they’ve hurt me or someone I love in the past, I often remember it. I know I can’t be alone in this.

But is this what God intends for us if we have truly forgiven? Recently, I was on the other end of this. Perhaps by reading this blog, some of you will know what situation I am meaning as you read on. I did something wrong. I made a bad choice. It was all on me no matter what anyone else did. I apologized for it. People knew I apologized. But it seems some cannot forget. There has been so much gossiping and back stabbing.

So, what was me asking for forgiveness has also become me needing to forgive and forget. I am moving on! I am tired of thinking about it. I have confessed, ask for forgiveness, and there’s nothing else I can do. I have to move on for my own peace of mind, my own mental health. I am choosing not to let it ruin my moxie!

I am the type of person that cares what others think. That is the way I was made, but I cannot live my life for others when it interferes with my walk with God. We all do wrong things. We all need forgiveness!

1 Corinthians 13 is very familiar to most of us. It is the chapter about love. In verse 5 it says “love keeps no record of wrong.” I think you can tell who loves you by who forgives you and doesn’t gossip about you. They don’t backstab you. They treat you the way they want to be treated, knowing you mess up because they do to, but they love you through it and in spite of it.

I have many people in my life who love me unconditionally. They know I mess up and mess up often 🙄, but they love me with the love of Jesus, with forgiveness that He provides. They get a glimpse into my heart, and I pray they see a little of Him because He knows my heart better than anyone!

So, be quick to forgive and forget as much as you can. After all, we all need forgiveness, and if we don’t forgive others, God will not forgive us either (Matthew 6:15).


  1. Love this and Amen! You have a lot of beautiful things to write.!! Proud of you for writing your blog. Missed you Sunday! Love you!

  2. Be patient. The lord will guide you through the tough times, forgive but verify. Sometimes when it looks to us like Jesus is asleep in the back of the boat, He’s actually fixing the rudder.

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