In Hot Water

There are so many chores for us to do! Cleaning, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and laundry. But aren’t you thankful for the modern appliances with which we have to do these things?

I am reading a historical novel right now. In it the female character has to use a washtub, washboard, and a troubling stick for her laundry. I had never heard the term troubling stick before. I understand the concept though. More than I want!

How many times have we felt like we were in the hot water of a washtub, being scrubbed over the washboard, and Satan was taking that troubling stick he has, poking and pushing us over and over making us twist and turn in the awful dirty water? Life can be like this so many times whether by our own making or someone else’s choices.

Someone recently asked me how do I know God is real. My first answer was, I just know deep inside. How do I know God is real? He has been with me in the washtub of this life so far. He has brought me through the poking and pushing in the dirty water mostly of my own making. He will be there for me wherever I am……..just as He always has been. Thank you, God!

Photo by Tammy Strot on Unsplash


  1. God is using you to accomplish great things with your blog, Laurel! Keep it up. Confession: Up until a couple years ago, I would roll my eyes and/or get mad when people would say that God uses the bumpy periods in our life to build our faith. Why would anyone want bad things to happen to them? I was missing the point. My outlook changed a couple years ago when I lost my job of 20+ years. I seriously doubt God caused the job loss to occur but he carried me through that bumpy period and my faith became stronger than it had ever been before. My belief in God had been weakening before the bumpy period but now I am confident in my belief that God not only exists but cares about His people.

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