As we near Christmas day (one week from tomorrow!), I think we sometimes forget how depressing of a season it can be for some people.  For those who no longer have someone special to celebrate with them, for those who are fighting an illness, or for those who simply are negative people, it can be a very sad time and often they are just trying to survive.  

My sister is one of the most energetic positive people I know.  She is always a good friend to me, listens when I need an ear, and usually has some good advice.  She says happiness is a decision.  And it is most days.  But for those who are really depressed, it is not just a decision.  Those people need help.  

At this time of year especially, we need to be aware, look around, for those who do not seem ‘right’ and try to help if we can.  We don’t realize what just a smile can do for someone.  

Look for a way today to help someone. It can be as simple as taking the grocery cart back to the store for them or holding the door open for someone.  

Spread Christmas cheer if you have it!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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