The Plane Crash

Recently, I had to spend several hours with a most negative person. Ninety-nine percent of everything out of their mouth was negative. Even after I called them on it and asked them to just chill, they kept on vomiting negativity! So much so, I began typing in my phone every negative thing out of their mouth.

We are all surrounded every single day with negativity. At work, on TV, at the store, on Facebook and Instagram, wherever you are and whatever you do, there are negative people. Even the weather is negative. Why don’t they say, “It’s mostly sunny with a 90% chance of sunshine today!”?

Almost everything in the news is negative. Why does that intrigue us? We want to hear about the one plane crash. We don’t care about the hundreds of others that landed safely (unless we were on one of them)!

We want to hear about that horrible wreck. We rubber-neck to see the torn up car and gurney hoping to see a body, but we don’t thank God that we made it safely where we went today in our own car.

I admit it. I fight negativity every single day; sometimes every single minute. Growing up in a house of negativity can make one negative.

But, it’s a choice. I choose to recognize it. I choose not to watch the negative news. I choose not to talk with negative people (if I can help it!). I have people in my life who gently remind me when I begin to say and do negative things.

Be the positive people in the world need. It starts with us!

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