The Blame

Facebook is a lit up this morning with posts of the shooting in Texas, and rightly so. We should all be upset about so many dead especially children. It makes moms and dads everywhere want to grab our kids, hug them, and never let go. Even if they are 24 and 22 years old! This… Continue reading The Blame

The Painful Path

In the movie Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow tells Pocahontas, “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.” We all know there are many paths in life we take. Paths we choose; paths that lead to other paths; paths we do not choose. Most of the time we take paths we think are harmless to us.… Continue reading The Painful Path

Not Gone but Forgotten

We are really good at forgetting people and things. Perhaps it’s busyness, age, the beginning of dementia? Who knows. During the past 2 years when everyone has kept to themselves, there are people who’ve been forgotten. One thing the elders where I worship and work do well is check on members. They get reports daily.… Continue reading Not Gone but Forgotten

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The Haunting

I don’t believe in ghosts. However, I do believe in spirits. There is a spiritual world all around us. Most of the time, we don’t see it. But I do believe there are times it shows itself and we get a glimpse. Some people may think the spirits that we see are ghosts. Perhaps those… Continue reading The Haunting