Jesus Take the Wheel

Some technology today is amazing! And some is not.

For the past couple of weeks, my car has been in the shop. You know the story…they have to order parts; there’s only one transmission guy working there; they are backed up; on and on.

So I’ve been driving my husband’s car which is a few years younger than mine. It has more technology and safety features than I thought possible.

The first time I drove it, all of a sudden the steering wheel started shaking. I looked down at the dash in a panic wondering what was happening.

It, The Car!!, was telling me I was out of my lane.


Then, at another time, it told me that steering was required.

Well, duh! I wanted to say except we don’t talk to our cars, do we?

So, over the last two weeks driving this car that’s perhaps more intelligent than I am, I have come to realize several things that relate to my life in general.

  1. I drive all over the road. Every day I make decisions that take me all over what is supposed to be THE narrow path. I get close to the edge of it, just one step away from doing wrong and ending up in the ditch.
  2. I don’t pay enough attention. During the day I let things distract me from what’s most important. Staying in my lane. I had a boss in the past who used to tell of us employees to stay in our lane, which is just a nice way to say mind our own business.
  3. I don’t always see the warning signals right in front of me until it’s too late. That car’s brain makes the steering wheel shake if you’re out of your lane and talks to you if you need to steer or if you aren’t wearing your seatbelt. I need to pay more attention to the Spirit’s warning signals to me when I am getting out of control.

I suppose technology is good in a vehicle. It’s just really safety mechanisms.

But after only a few days of driving this car, I found myself tuning out the warnings.

I pray I never lose sight of the warnings from the Spirit.

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

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