One More River

I grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s. While desegregation had already occurred and people were supposed to have equal rights, they didn’t. Perhaps they still do not.

It’s weird in ‘the church’ how we have sometimes divided congregations by the white church and the black church. We’ve probably all said it even though we didn’t mean any racial prejudice.

During the mission trips to Jamaica on which I was blessed to travel, there was a huge awareness of race. It wasn’t prejudice. At least I didn’t feel it. But it was the fact that the Jamaicans there do not see white people as better or worse than themselves. I’m sure some felt that way, but it never came across to me, and I was never made to feel any different…

Especially in worship.

I’ve blogged before about Jamaica and worshipping there where they are very spiritual because in most cases their faith is all they have.

The singing was always spirit led. One song in particular we would sing in worship and during our youth group devotionals is called One More River to Cross.

The song lyrics tell of one more river to cross. ‘Mother will be waiting but cannot help me to cross. Father will be waiting there but cannot help me to cross. My Jesus will be waiting there and He will help me to cross.’

Sometimes we think our parents’ faith or or someone or something else will help us cross that last river, but Jesus is the only Way.

The river is too deep, wide, and swift for us to tread alone.

Photo by Greg Byman on Unsplash

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