You’re Not No-Account

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we love to watch The Andy Griffith Show. One character that comes to visit Mayberry frequently is Ernest T. Bass. He is a funny, quirky man who tries hard to win a girl, become a soldier just for the uniform, and loves to throw rocks.

One episode has Ernest T. Bass wanting an education so he can win the heart of a girl back home in the mountains. Andy tries to help him and eventually gets him in school with Helen Crump, Opie’s teacher and Andy’s girlfriend.

There is a scene that shows Andy trying to discover what Ernest T. knows in different subjects. Ernest T. gets a little frustrated and calls himself no-account. Andy immediately tells him he’s not no-account, just ignorant.

Sometimes I think we believe we are no-account too. We mess up time after time every single day.


“Your sigh is able to move the heart of Jehovah. Your whisper can incline His ear to you. Your prayer can stay His hand, and your faith can move His arm. Do not think that God sits on high taking no account of you.” – Charles Spurgeon

Read it again and take in the words.

God takes account of us! We matter to Him!

We’re not no-account!

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