There are those friends who we’ve known forever it seems. They come and go in our lives, but when we have the occasion to see them, it is as if nothing has changed.

I have a friend like that. Although some would look at him and me and ask why in the world he would be a friend like that to me.

We grew up together. I first met him when he and I were in first grade and rode to school together every day. I can remember riding in the back seat with him barely able to see out the window of the car. I remember he and I playing with Play-Doh in class. I remember lying on our mats beside him during nap time. I remember each and every year of school, and he was always there.

We lost touch for a few years after high school, but then he reappeared in my life as we attended the same church congregation for a few years. He is the kind of friend who gives hard hugs and never forgets to ask about my mom.

I love him and his family very much. His mother was a beautiful woman as is his wife. His kids are great, and I loved getting to know them.

Even though we’ve moved away, I hope to see my friend again one day.

Like I said earlier, I know some people these days would ask why I’d have a friend like him. Why in times like these would I ever care about one such as him.

You see, my friend that I love dearly, that I have so many memories with, is a black man.


  1. When it comes to the heart and soul of mankind, we all should be color blind. But then, that would be a step closer to a perfect world or should I say heavenly world. It’s just another reminder that this world isn’t my home without the Lord Jesus.

  2. I immediately knew who you were talking about! He is a good man and a good husband,son, and father! My very close friend that I taught with for many years was black. She and I were just alike in our attitudes ,values, finances and just everything. We continued to eat out together long after retirement. Then one day she suddenly passed away and I miss her so much.

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