Break It

Many of us have experienced broken bones in the past playing sports, falling down, and in other ways. It can be very painful and a long recovery with surgery needed in some cases.

Often in preparing our minds for taking communion in worship, Luke 22 is read reminding us Jesus took the bread and cup with His disciples before His death. In this passage Jesus breaks the bread.

I have thought about this over the last few days. Why did He break it? It could have said He tore it into pieces. I think it is more than we realize.

His heart had already been broken several times in dealing with people who betrayed Him or didn’t believe. Jesus’s body was about to be broken. For us.

I think we have to be broken to truly come to know Him. We have to break and have that surgery of our hearts. Then allow the healing only Jesus can bring to us.

Like any healing from a break, it is a process and takes time. Sometimes we need to be broken over again like a surgeon does to a bone that hasn’t healed correctly.

It may be painful, but strength comes after the healing.

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