The Stone

As we approach Easter Sunday, our minister, Randy Owens, has been presenting lessons that have taken us with Jesus through His last days here on earth. I recommend you watch them on our church media website.

These days we are worshipping from home as most people are due to the Coronavirus. It is a difficult time for so many people all over the world. I know I miss getting together for fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ each week. Perhaps we’ll not take it for granted anymore.

In yesterday’s sermon we dove into Matthew 27 verses 57-66 that talk about Jesus’s burial. As you may recall, they rolled a stone in front of Jesus tomb as kind of a door. Then Pilate put his seal on it and assigned guards so no one could enter or exit. Randy pointed out how all of Jesus’s followers must have been feeling so much despair at Jesus’s death. But…

We know that was not the end of the story!

God rolled the stone away!

During his sermon Randy said something very profound. He said, “Can we hold on to God until the stone is rolled away?” This hit me as so fitting for today. Can we keep faith until God either takes this stone away, we die, or Jesus returns for us?

He IS still rolling stones!

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