The Appointments

We all have an appointment, actually two, waiting for us whether we know it or not.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, we went to visit our Granny, Gerry Burton. It was not only Christmas Day but also her birthday.

She turned 102 years old!

She no longer gets out of the bed. Diapers are one of her friends. She has to wait for others to take care of her whether it is family visiting or the nurses that occasionally come by.

As we stood in a circle around her bed, she would look each of us in the eye and whisper in her weak voice how much she loved all of us. She did this several times.

At one point she looked at her daughter who was sitting beside her and asked when she was going to die. She said she was ready to go whenever God took her.

It made me think of the passage in Hebrews 9. The Message version puts it this way:

Everyone has to die once, then face the consequences.

We all have those appointments. It may be today, tomorrow, or when we are 102.

Are we ready?

Photo by Fey Marin on Unsplash

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