Just Stay on the Tracks

My way to work takes me over a train track. Seldom do I get caught at it, but I did the other day. I was in no hurry, thankfully, but I could tell others were as we waited in the long line together.

Watching the train speeding along, I saw a lot of graffiti written and drawn on it. I know those things can have many meanings.

As I watched, the train began to slow down, never seeming to be coming to an end. All of a sudden it stopped! I am sure the other drivers waiting thought the same thing I did. What? It’s stopping?!

Then, it began to move backwards! Eventually, I saw the engine and knew we’d be able to go.

Life can be like this often.

We move at a fast pace, going forward. Then, all of a sudden, before we know it, we’ve stopped and are moving backwards to where we began.

Maybe someone or something has written ‘graffiti’ on us, our hearts or minds. An event has happened in our lives that makes us stop and take a step back. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it’s okay to look back and even go back. But we cannot and must not live there.

In God’s word Paul says to press on. Keep moving ahead.

No matter what track your train is on, no matter whether you’re moving forward right now or backwards, just keep moving. Circumstances will eventually change, and you’ll be moving forward again soon.

Just stay on the tracks!

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