The Cabin

At our farm God has given us, we have a small 500 square foot cabin tucked in the trees on the side of a hill where we stay when we are there and while our house is being built. It was build by our friend, Keith, who is a great guy and thankfully kind of a perfectionist, so it’s built right.

When our house gets finished, hopefully soon!, we are debating on what to do with the cabin. We definitely aren’t selling it because the house we are building is small, and we’ll need the space when family or friends visit.

I’ve been thinking and praying a lot on how God wants us to use the cabin as well as our farm. There are several ideas that have come to mind. One was brought to me by a friend actually on this blog. He said make it a spiritual retreat, and it would be a great place for that. We’ve also thought about it being a place to ‘get away’ for couples who need that time alone to reconnect. We’ve thought about making it available to the youth intern at our congregation, if needed. We’ve thought about putting it on AirBnB or VRBO.

Whatever God puts in our hearts to do is what we will decide. Maybe it’s a combination of some of those things. I just want to use it all to His glory.

After all, it’s not really mine.

The Cabin

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