Why you gotta be that way?!

Why is negativity so rampant in our world today? I think most of us don’t even realize we are being that way. Do we pay enough attention to our words and how we say them? Does it need to be pointed out each and every time we open our mouths?

I know a lot, A LOT, of negative people. I know I can be negative too.

It’s not just our words. It’s our actions. It’s our manners. It’s saying things like, “Oh, me” all the time. It’s sighing all the time. It’s the tone of voice.

We need to wake up and see what this negativity is doing to others around us who may not be Christians. We need to remember that there are others who need some positivity in their lives. There’s proof that being positive helps people to heal, both physically and emotionally.


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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