As I read my devotional, Psalm 51, this morning, I couldn’t help but think of some of the women of the Bible. This Psalm of David, tells how he felt after Nathan, God’s prophet, came to him and showed him how he had sinned. We know a little bit of how David felt by this Psalm and other things. But what about Bathsheba?

I know women were different and the way women were treated back then was not like today, but I can’t help but wonder what were her thoughts and feelings about it all? She became a mistress, adulterer, widow, wife again, and mother very quickly. She also became motherless as God punished them for their sins. What was in her heart? I’m sure it was broken into many pieces. How did she heal it? How did she survive every day with the pain?

Did she love David? Did she blame him? Did she grow to love David? Was she a believer in God? Did she rely on Him for healing? I doubt she ever really healed from all that heartache.

There are many more examples in the Bible of how women’s lives were touched, but we don’t get much insight into their hearts. We can only speculate what they must have felt by putting ourselves in their places as best we can.

Part of me wished that the Bible expounded on what the women were feeling in detail to help me and other women through our issues and problems. But I know the Bible is inspired of God and is how it should be for us. I guess we will have to rely on conjecture and our earthly women friends to help us in this life.

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