The Name of God

We have a lot of problems with our tongues. God knows this. We know this. James is a great book from the Bible to read about the tongue and its issues.

But in my daily readings, I recently came across a part that I don’t remember reading before. This is always amazing to me having grown up in the church all my life. It just proves that we can read the Bible with new eyes every day. Anyway, the passage came from Leviticus 24. Maybe I either don’t remember reading it, or I truly haven’t read it before as we tend to avoid the first few books after Genesis. 🙂

God is in the middle of giving Moses instructions and commands. Then this part pops in about an Israelite woman named Shelomith who was married to an Egyptian man. Her son who is not named, got in a fight with another man. The Bible doesn’t tell us what it was about only that the son blasphemed God’s name and cursed. God told the people to stone him to death. God said anyone who blasphemes or curses the name of God should be killed.

God takes serious His name. I think we should too. We get so complacent in the things we see and hear in life with each other, on TV and at the movies. But I have to say that I cringe anytime God’s name is used as it is today.

But do we blaspheme His name in other ways? In our actions? In our thoughts? In the way we treat others who are created in His image? In the way we treat ourselves? I think so. I know I do.

Something to ponder. How does God feel about it? If His anger kindled against the Israelites, His chosen people then, how much more it it kindling against us now? He is a jealous God, the Bible tells us. He is serious about His commands. Most of all, He is serious about His love for us.

Instead of cursing Him with words or actions, I want to find ways to praise Him who loves us so much!

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

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