Are You All In?

Growing up going to worship, sometimes I heard the same lessons over and over. Now as an adult, I try to look for new things and ideas in those same stories, and I really appreciate it when others bring something new to them.

Last Sunday in worship, the gentleman making comments for the Lord’s Supper brought up an interesting point. Normally, the Lord’s Supper is a quiet, reverent time of the worship period, but he took us back to the first Lord’s Supper that Jesus did with His disciples in that upper room. He asked if they were quiet and organized? No, they were not. They were loud and arguing. They were arguing about who would betray Jesus, who would be the greatest in the kingdom, and Jesus told Peter that Satan had asked to sift him like wheat. (Luke 22)

Why was it like this at the last supper with Jesus just before He was to be killed? The disciples wouldn’t get it until Jesus was gone, but they were ‘all in’ at that moment. They had left everything – family, jobs, home, to follow Jesus. Were they scared? Yes! But they had fire and heart! They were going in headfirst! So much so, that all but one would die for Jesus!

What is it like to be all in with something or someone? Are you all in with anything or anyone? If you’re married, you should be all in with your spouse. Leaving should not be an easy option. If you have kids, you should be all in with them, being the best parent you can be. If you have other family, you should be all in with them giving freely of yourself. And the most important all in is if you are a Christian, of course.

I know I put a lot of songs on my blog, but music, to me, is a good spirit lifter and reminder of God. I am not musically inclined, but I do like music. There is a song called All In by Matthew West that I like. Listen to the lyrics. Open your heart to God.

Ask yourself daily if you are all in? If not, why? I know that we cannot have the same fire every day of our lives, but even on those days when the sun doesn’t shine, or we feel ill or down, our light should be evident to others that we are indeed, ALL IN!

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash

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