I know a Christian who thinks they can never be good enough to warrant going to Heaven. They’ve made too many bad decisions, done too much bad stuff, they’ll never make it. They are so scared of the end of the world and facing God.

While they are correct, we can never be good enough, there was One who was good enough.

Jesus died for us once and for all. We all make mistakes and will continue to do so until we breath our last. However, when we become a Christ follower, and are trying to do all we can to be like Jesus, but still don’t believe we are going to Heaven, we lessen what He did on the cross for us.

So, I believe it is a matter of your heart. Where is your heart right now? Is it repentant of the wrong things you’ve done? Is it saddened if you think about all the things you will do in the future that go against God?

Well….rejoice then! Because there’s good news!

If your heart isn’t in the right place, it’s time to have a heart attack. Either you do it yourself or God will do it. Of course I don’t mean physically. I mean spiritually and emotionally.

Before my kids became Christians, I used to pray that God would break their hearts for Him. I still pray that prayer, and I pray it for myself too. I don’t ever want to become a person with a hard heart. Yes, this means I cry a lot over the silliest of things. But I’d rather have a soft heart especially for the Lord, than a hard heart that doesn’t feel for others, that cannot be moved by a song in worship, or that cannot be moved thinking about what Jesus did for me.

There’s a worship song we sing called Break My Heart, Dear Lord. That is what I pray for.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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