One of the best stories ever, in my opinion, is Pride and Prejudice. My favorite version is the one with Colin Firth that is several episodes long. In one scene he professes his love for Elizabeth saying, “In vain I have struggled and it will not do.” Vain can be defined as “producing no results;… Continue reading Vain

Send Them

I have a good friend whose spiritual gift is making cards and giving them to others. She is very humble about it, but her cards have helped me and so many others. It was 10 weeks yesterday since my mother died. You may not know, but she died the day before my birthday. We went… Continue reading Send Them

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These Hands

These hands gave so much love. These hands have gone above. These hands saw ninety-four years. These hands dried many tears. These hands held babies close. These hands gave many a dose. These hands were full of scars. These hands witnessed many wars. These hands will not again be held. These hands we’ll hold beyond… Continue reading These Hands

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Every Little Thing

I like the song Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. It’s a positive song that helps in this negative world. Life is hard. We all know it. Every single day has something or someone that makes living in this world difficult. I saw a post the other day that said we have gender confusion and… Continue reading Every Little Thing

Better Off Dead

In 1985, a movie was released called Better Off Dead. It was a comedy about a teenage boy whose girlfriend had just broken up with him, and he tried many times to end his own life. Back then when I was a teenager myself in 1985, it seemed like a good movie. However, real life… Continue reading Better Off Dead

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The Plane Crash

Recently, I had to spend several hours with a most negative person. Ninety-nine percent of everything out of their mouth was negative. Even after I called them on it and asked them to just chill, they kept on vomiting negativity! So much so, I began typing in my phone every negative thing out of their… Continue reading The Plane Crash

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Rock Bottom

When my kids were growing up, they loved to watch the show SpongeBob. To an adult it seemed like the weirdest cartoon about a sponge, starfish, crab, and a squirrel who all lived in the sea. The squirrel lived in a glass dome so she could breathe. They all had names, and most of the… Continue reading Rock Bottom

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The Best

There was a show that ran from 1954 to 1960 called Father Knows Best. While it was a few years before my time, I remember watching reruns. It told the tale of a middle class family and all their trials which looking back from today, doesn’t seem that horrible. Growing older isn’t very pleasant sometimes.… Continue reading The Best

The Unknown

As my mom nears the end of her life, things are very difficult. On her especially, but also on us kids as we try to make the right choices for her and at the same time accommodate what she wants. She and I had one of many difficult discussions yesterday. The subject wasn’t home vs.… Continue reading The Unknown

Let It Go

James 5:16 tells us to confess our sins to each other. It is not a suggestion. But how many of us have anyone we can actually tell our deepest darkest sin or addiction? Aren’t we afraid of their reaction? Why don’t we tell anyone our struggles? Why do we say we’re ‘fine’ when we are… Continue reading Let It Go